Wednesday, September 21, 2005

In One Week...

In one week, I'll be on a plane to Russia. I cannot really believe it. I mean I do, but it just seems so surreal that this is actually going to happen.

So I haven't updated this for several days, but not much has happened. My family threw a going away party for me on Sunday, which was nice. It was just my family and some of my closest friends. Although it wasn't a grand bash, it was still nice. Other than that I've been really board not working or going to school. Last week was my first week without having to work, so it was nice -a sort of vacation. Yet this week, I've been driving myself crazy because I'm not used to just sitting around not having to do anything. Granted I have a lot of running around to do, so that I can get ready for next week, but other than that I've had a lot of free time. To distract myself during this extra free time, I've been driving around and pretty much staring at the television, which by the way day-time television sucks. So that is it for now, I must go and try to do a little more packing. Right now, I have almost all that I planned to take with me packed but I have a lot of extra room, so I'm going to think about what I could use to fill up the cases. I hope I don't forget something that I really need, but take a bunch of stuff I could live with out. Until next time...


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