Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Today, I did nothing but sleep almost all day. I’m serious too. I woke up early yet again, which I think is going to happen to me a lot over here, so I simply waited in my room and watched some Russian television. Thankfully Russian television is a lot like American television, except everything is dubbed over. I watched “The Simpsons” and MTV, and let me tell you watching these over here was quite funny. “The Simpsons” were dubbed over in Russian; however, if you would listen closely enough you could hear the English track underneath the Russian one. Then MTV over here is the same as over there, except that they actually play music videos –I know that’s blasphemy to play music videos on a station called Music Television. Anyway, I sat watching television waiting for Lucy to come, so that I could get something to eat and then go shopping for a coat.

When Lucy arrived at the time we had agreed on, we went up and had breakfast together. While there Lucy kept hearing the girls that work in the Cantina talk about us, and the fact that I do not know Russian. At first, they were worried about how they were going to feed me and then they started talking about how they should try and learn English, so they could assist me. Lucy found what they were saying quite humorous, because she feels that everyone in Russia needs to know English because of how it is an international language. Lucy also explained to me that Russian teachers are trying to get English classes to be taught to children in Kindergarten, and I explained that we had the same issue in America about foreign languages being taught to children at an earlier age.

I wanted to go and look about buying a coat, so Lucy said that we would use today to do that. We first were going to head down to a local Chinese Market, but being Saturday the streets were full of people and we could not catch a taxi-bus that would take us there. So instead we walked along the different shops that line the streets close to my residence hall and we looked in these for coats and other clothing items. The prices in these shops were expensive, even for American standards, but I think that in a couple weeks when I’m tired of wearing the same cloths over and over, I’m going to go and buy some cloths. While we were walking around and looking at the clothing, Lucy asked about clothing in America and what we wear. I had to tell her that the females here dress almost exactly like the girls back home; however, the majority of the men here dress better then the men in the States. Almost every young male here dress like a metro-sexual, which is common in the states but not to the degree it is here. Making our way to another market, we ran into one of Lucy’s ex-colleagues and talked with her for awhile. Then we looked around the market, but not really finding anything we left. It was around 3pm at this time and I was supposed to get my launch at two, so I went back to my room. Lucy is in the process of having her flat renovated, so we split up so she could take care of things there.

Since I ate breakfast, my stomach was feeling a little weird but not really bad. However when I got to my room, my stomach just started feeling really bad, so I decided that I would eat some bread I had and then take a nap. Well after eating some bread and a piece of fruit, I fell asleep. The next think I remember is waking up around 6pm feeling really sick. I wanted to go out for a walk by myself but I just couldn’t get up. I really felt like I was going to be ill and instead of risk it, I thought I would stay in of the night. As soon as I made up my mind about staying in I feel asleep again. I didn’t awake until 9pm, and by that time all of Rostov was out and about. It sounded as though a party was taking place right out my window so I did the only thing I could, which was to put ear plugs in and go back to bed. I slept until the next morning, when I was feeling better.


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