Thursday, September 15, 2005

13 Days... Um yeah, its that soon!

Not only will this blog be used as a way for those in Pueblo to keep up to date with my stay in Russia, but it will also be used to show my students in Russia what life in Pueblo is like. So I will be posting pictures from both Russia and Pueblo to help show the difference between the two cultures, which means that while I'm gone if anyone would like to send me pictures of Pueblo (or anywhere in the States for that matter) I would be more than happy to share them on the blog.

Today is going to be a rather relaxing day for me. I'm going to go on a hike in the mountains with a couple of my cousins. Its been hard trying to spend time with everyone that I really love before I go, but I feel that those that mean the most to me are the ones I'll spend time with. So my cousin, who is pretty much like a sister to me, and I are going to go around and look at all the trees turning colors (yep, its already time for autumn to be changing the landscape around here). I'll post some of the pictures I take when I get back. However, autumn was always my favorite time of the year. Not only did I always love the changing color of the tress, but also the fact that it would rain more in autumn than any other time of the year -if you know me, you know why I love rain so much. I just enjoy the smell of rain and the sound that it makes as it lightly or violently, it doesn't really matter to me, hits walls, windows, or best of all against cars as you drive down the street. Whenever it rains I just feel that the earth is peaceful; now I know that doesn't make a lot of sense because rain can, if it gets bad enough, cause death but for me its just a peaceful phenomenon that happens in this world.

That's about it for right now...I'll post more when I get back from the mountains!


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