Monday, October 24, 2005

When Life Just Seems to Work Out...

It is a wonderful feeling, when life just seems to work out. Today, after almost a month of being here, I feel at home. I've had an amazing day. Starting with the fact that by the time I go home, my room will be clean (yeah, fresh towels!); I finally got a cell phone and a calling card, so I was able to call home and speak with my mom; and I also had a great class today, which really made me calm down in front of a class. Life just finally seems to be working for me...if only I could get that rash to clear up! Just kidding. Well I cannot write too much right now, because we are getting ready to leave but I just wanted to tell the world how great today is. I'll write more later and post it tomorrow, unless i get sidetracked! I start my own classes on Thursday, yes! I'm so pumped!


At 9:38 AM, Blogger Riekena said...

You know it! Glad to hear the phases are circulating.


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