Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sometimes Americans Can Be Such…

Assholes! That’s right, I think that Americans can be complete and utter assholes sometimes. Not only are we assholes to those people from foreign countries, while they’re in our country, but we’re often assholes to those from our own country and others, while in other countries. This irritates me to no end, and what irritates me even more is that I’m living in another country and I witnessed this same attitude today!

Tonight, I went to dinner with all of the Norwegians, which is something I have done before, and something I’m sure I’ll do again. However, tonight’s dinner ended on a sour note, for me anyway, when I realized that two more Americans were in the restaurant. The restaurant we went to is a rather fancy one, by Russian standards (the price is rather inexpensive for us), and we’ve been there before. The waiters/waitress are all very nice and understand we are foreign so they try and help us out as much as possible. Okay, I notice I tend to be rather random in my writing, so I will try to get back to the point soon. However, if you’re ever in Rostov, you must try this café –its really good. To the point now… We had finished eating and were just sitting around talking when this couple walked into the room. Right away, I could tell that they were different from most Russian couples, but it wasn’t until I heard the woman speak that I knew they were Americans. They had the same accent that we, those of us from Colorado, are told we have. When I heard them speak, I almost jumped out of my chair –I mean I’ve been dying to speak with a native English speaker since I’ve been here and here was my chance. You couldn’t believe how happy I was to hear English, especially American English; I think the Norwegians thought I was going to attack the couple. Yet, I stayed calm and waited for an opportune moment to introduce myself to the couple. When they were seated and were looking around the place, the man happened to glance over at our table. Of course, I was staring right at him, so I said hello. Apparently they don’t understand English all that well, because he didn’t respond to me and just quickly looked away. I was a little taken aback by this, but I figured that maybe he didn’t hear me (sometimes I have the tendency to mumble and not notice that I’m doing it), so I thought I would try again. When I attempt to speak with them again, they blew me off a second time. This was when I realized that they knew I was American, but they were just going to ignore me. Can you believe this?! I couldn’t. I felt completely dumbfounded by this. I mean what is so hard about saying hello back and maybe having a two-minute conversation with someone who is from your same country, while you’re in another fucking country. Yes, it is not uncommon for Americans to travel, but Rostov, Russia isn’t a popular destination for Americans. I was so happy to see another American, and then was completely disappointed when they turned out to be such amazingly big bastards. (See I can still call use my language to its full advantage). Not only was I offended that people from my own country dissed me like that, but I was also embarrassed because my friends saw how they were acting. Even the waitress, who was serving both tables and knows our group, was a little shocked by their manner. When they placed their order, they did it only in English and they never asked if the waitress spoke English, which she doesn’t very well because I’ve asked. I mean what the fuck! I sat there glaring at them the rest of the time we were there just ashamed by them. No wonder why all the other countries in the world hate us, it’s not all because of our politics (which I’m sure these people were uppity Republicans –we all know what James thinks of them damn Republicans!) but it’s also because of the way some of us behave when outside our own country. I can go on forever about this, but I won’t. What I will ask though is that if you are ever in another country, please, please do not act this way when you notice that there is another American around –plus at least ask if someone speak English before you start speaking, don’t just assume. It may just make that other person’s day to be able to speak with someone they consider a countryman.

So in closing, I’ve probably offended many of you by speaking so negatively about Americans in this post, but you know what…I don’t care. When Americans act this way in or outside America it’s a shame and we should feel angry towards them. We are no better than anyone else in the world (okay maybe there are some people we are better then…the French for example, I’m kidding! I love the French), and we shouldn’t act like it, especially when in someone else’s country.


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